At last. Writing a blog about my running experiences has been on my mind for a while. Carving out time for it was a challenge. However, I have been running a lot for the last couple of years and I felt that perhaps it is time to start my blog.

A little background about me before I share my experiences, tips and thoughts. What started as an exercise routine to get a hold of my cholesterol levels has grown into might I say a passion for running. Little did I know then that I would be running long-distance races in the future. I ran my first race, the BayState Marathon in 2017. On the recommendation of a couple of my colleagues at work, I joined a running club, the Greater Lowell Road Runners in 2017 after the Marathon and I have since then run a handful of Marathons including the 2019 Clarance DeMar Marathon, 2020, 2021 Virtual Boston Marathons and the 2021 Chicago Marathon.

As I started running the Marathons, I set my sights on the Boston Marathon. I am not a fast runner and getting a BQ time is something that I can dream of. However, I got an invitational entry through my club for the 2020 Boston Marathon. Then COVID-19 happened and everything changed. The Boston Marathon became a virtual event. Though it was a disappointment that I could not run it in person, I was happy that I was able to run it officially. I got lucky in 2021 when I registered for the 2021 virtual Boston Marathon as part of the 125th year celebration of the famed event. I already had a deferred entry for the Chicago Marathon from the previous year. The Chicago Marathon was a disaster due to the weather but was able to finish it. I submitted that finish time for the 2021 virtual Boston Marathon.

2022 turned out to be the year for me. After receiving an invitational entry again from the club, I ran the 126th Boston Marathon. Not only did I finish it but also got a PR. It was truly a memorable experience. While my pursuit of running Marathons will continue, I also run a lot of short distance and mid-distance races every year and plan to run those short races in the future.

Enough about what I did. I want my blog to be a platform where I can share my experiences, provide guidance and tips to runners who need them as well as offer my coaching services. Did I tell you that I am an RRCA Level 1 Certified distance running coach? You can reach out to me if you need any custom training plans.

Once again, thank you for visiting my blog.